25 Templer Avenue : Reception Desk

Thermoformed manufacture

It may not be obvious how Edward Williams took flat sheets of 12mm thick Corian and created the beautifully supple shapes of the drinks counter in the reception at 25 Templer Avenue,  a Norman Foster designed building overlooking Farnborough airport.

Edward Williams Furniture first had to create the shape of the conically curved drinks counter from MDF.  Once this was done the Corian material was heated to 170 degrees in the thermoforming oven and then, in its malleable state, was carefully shaped to the MDF former.

As shown in the above image, the formers, 16 in total, were created by layering 36 CNC machined rails of MDF which were then doweled together and finally clad with 6mm MDF  to create the fantastic smooth curves the client required.  The Corian was then bonded together to create the seamless look that typifies a beautiful Corian sculpture.

The process is not dissimilar to the construction of a fibreglass boat hull only with the procedure being performed inside out.

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